Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cover Your Plants Tonight w/ Moving Blankets!

If you're local, you know we're getting a late-in-the-season FREEZE tonight.  The problem is that your plants may perish since they've started blooming already.  We at "A Self-Storage Depot" in Hendersonville / Fletcher, NC, and "Fairview Self-Storage Depot" in Asheville / Fairview, NC, have the perfect solution for you!

Among other Moving/Packing items, we rent and sell "Moving Blankets" which is the perfect solution to protect your blooming plants.  We wouldn't recommend Moving Blankets for your delicate flowers as they're too fragile.  However, for a few dollars, you CAN help save your plants :-). 

Please feel free to visit or call us: "A Self-Storage Depot" (828) 684-0959 and "Fairview Self-Storage Depot"(828) 628-8600.  We'd be happy to help you!

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