Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reserve your Storage Unit &/or Penske Truck Today!

We're approaching that busy time of year when LOTS of FOLKS are MOVING!  If you know you're going to need a Self Storage Unit &/or a Rental Truck, NOW is the time to make a reservation!

Please call us TODAY @ (828) 628-8600 at our Asheville / Fairview, NC location to make your Penske Rental Truck reservation.  You LOCK IN TODAY's PRICE plus, you're guaranteed a moving truck no matter how busy we get!  You have nothing to lose.  In fact, you can only WIN...TIME and MONEY!

 We at "A Self-Storage Depot" in Hendersonville / Fletcher, NC, and 
"Fairview Self-Storage Depot"in Asheville / Fairview, NC, allow you to 
make a deposit on a storage unit which HOLDS the unit size you need.  

Your deposit goes towards the payment for your storage unit @ the time 
of rental, so you guarantee yourself the storage unit you'll need and it does 
NOT cost you anything...just a few minutes of "pre-planning" time!  

So call us TODAY!  No matter where you live in Western North Carolina, 
we have you covered.  In Hendersonville / Fletcher: please call us at (828) 
684-0959 & in Asheville / Fairview:  please call us at (828) 628-8600. :-)

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