Thursday, April 5, 2012

SELF STORAGE TIPS/Organizing Your Storage Unit!

Organizing your Storage Unit tips by:

"A Self-Storage Depot" in Hendersonville, NC (828-684-0959) & "Fairview Self-Storage Depot" in Asheville, NC (828-628-8600):
Place all smaller items in uniformly sized boxes.

Completely fill each box with heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on the top.

Uniformly sized boxes stack easier and conserve storage space. 

Store smaller, more valuable items to the rear of the unit and large items toward the front of the unit.

Wooden furniture should be covered with blankets to avoid abrasion damage.

Plastic sheeting will protect your stored goods from dust and dirt. Cover everything with plastic sheeting.

Use a high quality disc (round) padlock to secure your storage unit. This type of lock is difficult to cut or break and offers maximum protection for very little money.

Leave a small airspace between your stored items and the wall of the storage unit for ventilation.

Store items that will not be needed to the rear of the storage unit & items you will need access to toward the front of the unit.

Properly stored items will hold up much better in storage than items not stored properly. 

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  1. Thanks for the tips! They may seem like common sense, but in the mess that is moving or storing items, common sense might not always prevail! I recently moved a good amount of my stuff into a santa monica storage place, and did not use any common sense. Now for me to find the one thing I need, it takes several hours! I will not be making that mistake again!

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